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Vitaly V. Muravev

Prof. Vitaly V. Muravev
Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University

Vitaly V. Muravev was born in Prokopyevsk city of Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation. He graduated from the Technological Faculty of the Siberian Metallurgical Institute (now the Siberian State Industrial University) in Novokuznetsk with the qualification of a metallurgical engineer with a degree «Physics of Metals» in 1972.

Vitaly V. Muravev worked as an engineer at the Special Design Bureau at the Novosibirsk Electrovacuum Plant, then he headed the department in Siberian Transport University, later he worked at the Russian University of Transport (MIIT).

From 2007 till the present Vitaly V. Muravev has been working in Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University in position of the head of Department of "Instruments and Methods of Measurement, Testing and Diagnostics".

He defended thesis for Doctor of Technical Sciences degree in 1993 and then he received the academic title of professor. V.Muravev is a member of two dissertation councils, a member of the Technical Committee for Non-Destructive Testing TK-371 of the State Committee for the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology, a member of the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics (RONKTD) and the Chairman of Udmurt Republic Branch of RONKTD.

V.Muravev is a specialist of the third certification level in acoustic, magnetic, eddy current and acoustic emission types and methods of non-destructive testing.

The results of the scientific and practical activities of V. Muravev is reflected in more than 600 publications, including 15 monographs, 36 inventions and patents, 3 textbooks with a total number of citations 3322, H-Index –32). More than 80 publications are included in the Web of Science and Scopus databases (H-index –9).


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